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July 19, 2016

Jason + Kristin

Whispering Pine Plantation Wedding l Amelia Wedding Venue

I was lucky enough to run into Kristin before Christmas of last year in Pottery Barn Kids.  I was buying books for my kids for Christmas and she was out shopping with her Mom.  I heard “oh my goodness are you the one who owns Blessed Beginnings Photography???”

We immediately hit it off and talked all about life, jobs and my business.  She kept repeating “one day when I have a big event like getting married or giving birth to a baby… you are MY girl.”

I laughed and was seriously over the moon excited that she said that.

Little did I know she would hold that promise.  The morning after she was engaged my phone rings.  A number I had never seen before and I happen to have some quiet time in my car heading home from an out of town engagement session so I answer. “OMGGGG ALYSHA IT IS KRISTIN I JUST GOT ENGAGED LAST NIGHT OMG YOU HAVE TO BE MY PHOTOGRAPHER!!”.

Thankfully I was free for the day she chose.  And all the stars aligned.

Kristin is the most loving, sweet, hilarious, expressive and down to earth person you will meet.  I don’t know how anyone could not instantly love her.  Her heart is huge and her love for Jason is undeniable.  Because Jason and Kristin live out of state I was unable to meet Jason until the day of their wedding.  He has this sweet smile, one of those smiles that is so genuine and warm.  You can tell upon first meeting he is just as kind as Kristin and without hesitation I can say these two were truly made for one another.

Their wedding day was GORGEOUS.  A cool day for July and the most amazing overcast (a photographer’s dream).  The weather channels had been calling for rain for days and not just a slight chance, some were saying 100% rain. Even with that scary of a prediction for your wedding day, the weather man was WRONG 🙂

They chose to be married in an intimate setting with their closest family and friends at the beautiful Whispering Pine Plantation in Amelia, Va.  Y’all, this location is STUNNING.  A photographer’s dream.  When I pulled up to the venue I immediately got a Notebook inspired feel.  A long driveway that led up to a beautiful home with wrap around porches and open fields for miles. Kristin and Jason shared a intimate ceremony with the most beautiful, heartfelt words by their friend and pastor.  The ceremony left me in tears at one point by the beauty between these two.  The maid of honor sang a gorgeous acoustic worship song as they shared communion and prayed together.  I can’t begin to make this stuff up, just simply beautiful.

Kristin and Jason you two are an example to so many and the love between you two just radiates.  I am so happy to have been able to share your day with you and to now call you both my friends.  I wish you many many years together and so many blessings to come.


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