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March 14, 2017

Why Should I Invest In Me?

If you are a photographer and find yourself reading this, I am so excited for you.  If you are not a photographer, I still think this blog can apply to you and the “work” aspect of your life.


Early last year I found myself in a place of doubt.  Truthfully, I still struggle with feeling as if “I am good enough” or to see the true value I bring to the table.  In an industry that is growing at a fast pace, DSLR cameras easily bought and Pinterest boards all over with how to become the next great photographer it is hard not to find yourself wondering… am I good enough? Am I chasing a dream that is unattainable? 

I have followed both Amy McDaniel (Dewdrops by Amy McDaniel) and Hope Taylor (Hope Taylor Photography) for some time now.  I have placed these women on another level.  A level that I thought I could never or would ever achieve.  Raw talent.  Hearts of gold and constantly out there in the photography market teaching workshops and hosting online learning experiences.  Finally last March I said enough is enough. I want to further my business and invest in a workshop for newborn photography.  I was tired of feeling that I posed every baby the same way, my editing was inconsistent and I could never ever to save my life get babies to sleep! BEST.DECISION.I.EVER.MADE.

I stumbled across a seat that was up for grabs.  I took a leap of faith.  And those two days FOREVER changed my newborn photography. Amy you are AMAZING and so so so talented!! If you are looking to attend a newborn workshop/online experience Amy is your lady! 🙂

And same thing happened less than a year later.  Feeling discouraged with my wedding photography, unsure if I was “good enough” to call myself a wedding photographer.  Do you know the pressure there is in just that title.  Memories you are forever documenting that you will never get back or be able to redo.  So just last week I attended another workshop hosted by Hope Taylor Photography.  I wasn’t sure what to expect as this was geared more towards weddings and portrait photography but I knew just like my last workshop experience I would learn a ton.  I feel like wedding photography and posed newborn photography are about as different as you can get in terms of your goals in posing, lighting, etc. but I knew, I could lose NOTHING.

I walked into Hope’s studio in downtown Fredericksburg and she INSTANTLY came in for a big hug.  I felt a sense of peace (because let’s be real she is like a celeb in the photog world).  From that second on I knew just by a simple interaction, just like with Amy, Hope was genuinely interested in helping me launch my business to a whole nother level.

Throughout the two day learning experience with Hope I just couldn’t get over the fact that she is still so young, yet SO successful.  She is like the 12 year old who graduates high school and goes off to college.  That advanced.  Running a super successful business while entering a new stage of life as a young adult.  She was a completely open book.  Shared her workflow, emails, before and after edits. #allthethings. She shared her heart in a raw and real way.  

The best thing I received from this workshop besides pages and pages and pages of new knowledge was the confidence to know I have something, I can obtain anything and I am worth it.  I. Am. Worth. It.

If I hadn’t attended these two workshops, I truly may of just given up on my career. Comparison became the thief of all joy for me.  Comparing to other artists and setting goals that I felt I could never ever achieve.  

If this is you whether a photographer, accountant, stay at home mother or a seamstress and all that is in between; you are worth it.  Invest in you.  Give yourself every single opportunity to be the best you that you can be.  If you are a stay at home mom invest in authentic relationships with other moms.  Put the time and the energy into building your tribe.  

I am so happy that I invested in the education side of my business and I invested SO much more into my life over the last few months (more blog posts to come).  Say YES to you! 

Before leaving you guys I want to share some words by the beautiful Hope Taylor herself,

“I just try to love and serve people well that God brings to my door.  If that is ALL I do, is love and serve well… I am okay with that.”

Love and serve well.  Be the best you can be, do the best you can absolutely can do.  Invest in yourself, your business and your life.



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